CSF International, Inc.
EMV Card

CSF International (CSFi) is recognized as a leading global provider of ATM driving and management, electronic payment and transaction switching software. The company's software solutions provide services to hundreds of companies, process millions of transactions every year, and support thousands of ATM and POS terminals worldwide. Our diverse customer base includes clients in over twenty countries including community banks, credit unions, national banks, multi-bank holding companies and processing centers.

CSFi's flagship products include SWITCHWARE® electronic payment software for in-house ATM terminal driving and management, plus the EZswitch® online ATM/debit issuer system and the latest FraudBlock™ and FraudBlock™ SA used for fraud detection and prevention system. Other ancillary products include Sentinel™ alert notification system, MIS reporting, G4 Web-based apps, and much more.

Alliances with industry leaders such as Diebold, NCR, Wincor-Nixdorf and Triton Systems help CSFi to maintain our competitive edge and to support the latest ATM and self-service technologies. As a Diebold PIX member, a NCR AptraXpress Solution Partner and a MasterCard Global Vendor, CSFi regularly attends these groups' annual conferences providing them the ability to prepare for the latest self-service technologies before they are widely available to the marketplace.

CSFi is committed to providing flexible, leading edge software products and services that are scalable, adhere to open system standards and provide a level of price/performance that enhances the productivity and profitability of their customers. CSFi’s focus is on the proactive development of innovative products, services and solutions enabling their clients to reduce risk, increase profitability and meet the business challenges of today and tomorrow.

To learn more about SWITCHWARE support and functionalities that increase operational productivity and profitability, register now at www.csfi.com. Read more about SWITCHWARE®, FraudBlock™, Deposit Automation and Cash Recycling, RSA Remote Key loading, Instant Card Issuance, Cardless Withdrawals, Cardholder Alerts, and our entire suite of products, services and solutions.