What is ENCASH?

Electronic Network Cash Tellers, Inc. (ENCASH), is the first independent ATM deployer (IAD) in the Philippines. Based in Makati, ENCASH provides ATM services to rural banks, cooperatives and MFIs. Its products enable these financial institutions to provide commercial bank-grade ATM services to the countryside. Cardholders residing in rural areas benefit greatly from this service because ENCASH provides access to their finances via the ATM.

Where does ENCASH install its ATMs?

In partnership with rural banks, cooperatives and MFIs, ENCASH deploys its ATMs in rural areas not deemed viable by commercial banks, allowing users in remote locations to conveniently obtain access to their finances.

Does ENCASH sell ATMs?

No. ENCASH does not sell nor lease ATMs. Except for some ATMs owned by a few rural banks, all ENCASH ATMs are company-owned. This is one of the reasons why partnering with ENCASH is a viable proposition. Unnecessary expenditures are eliminated with this particular business model.

When did ENCASH start its operations?
ENCASH was incorporated in 2003 and began its operations in December 2007.
How many ENCASH ATMs are currently operational in the Philippines?
An ENCASH ATM may be found conveniently in over 293 partner rural banks, cooperatives, tourist destinations, town halls, and other partner entities.
Where are these ATMs located?
These ENCASH ATMs may be found in more than 55 provinces all over the country.
What value does ENCASH bring to the market it serves?

The availability of ENCASH ATMs in the rural areas makes it possible for the underserved to finally have convenient access to their finances. Government pensioners, recipients of the Philippine government's 4Ps Program, teachers and OFW recipients benefit greatly from these ENCASH ATMs, as do students and employees in the private sector.

The ENCASH ATMs also serve to encourage the unbanked to open their own ATM accounts.
When will the public see ATM cards issued by ENCASH Partners?
ENCASH partners are in the process of issuing ATM Cards.
What are ENCASH's future plans?

ENCASH plans to expand its operations further by partnering with more rural banks and cooperatives to serve more communities in the countryside.