ENCASH Implements CSR in Isabela

Electronic Network Cash Tellers, Inc. (ENCASH) recently played Santa Claus to 50 farmer-clients of Rural Bank of Cauyan, Inc., who were badly hit by Typhoon Lando last October 2015. With the help of Rural Bank of Cauayan, Inc., the company rolled-out a sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program entitled, "Pantawid na May Malasakit" that included the distribution of fertilizers and pesticides. These items were badly needed by farmers from Tumauini, Delfin Albano, Sto. Tomas and Cabagan.

The distribution of the fertilizers and pesticides took place in the Baranggay Hall of Ugac in Cabagan. When the rains poured down on the event, the farmers exclaimed that they were being blessed on that day. When asked for the reason, they explained that the rains would help soften the soil to accept the fertilizers.

In her testimonial, corn farmer Mrs. Rosalia Salas, shared how she lost the crops in 4 of her 5 hectare farm in Cabagan. Her family had to cut down on their household expenses in order to scrimp and save to buy corn seedlings; but she did not know where to get money for the fertilizers and pesticides. She was very grateful to ENCASH and to Rural Bank of Cauayan for choosing her as one of the beneficiaries of the CSR project.

Mrs. Elvira Palogan, another corn farmer, said that Christmas arrived early when she was chosen to be a recipient of the ENCASH CSR project. She did not expect that a stranger (in this case, a strange company) would single her out and give her some much- needed boost for her farm. Mr. Maximo Sapagan, another corn farmer said in Ilocano how grateful he was for being chosen as a recipient of free fertilizers for his crops. He said that ENCASH's help was gratefully accepted.

In response to the outpouring of gratitude from the farmers, Marketing Manager Patricia S. Arnedo emphasized that ENCASH's CSR project was meant to uplift the lives of host-communities overcome by natural calamities. She added that the company was not expecting anything in return except for pictures that would show that their corn farms were being productive.The project was made possible with the cooperation of Rural Bank of Cauayan President Mr. Edgardo Bucag and Marketing Officer Ms. Maricel Bueno, while Crop Loan Officer, Mr. Manding Oliveros, together with the bank's Branch Managers Mr. Rizaldy Ramos and Ms. Aileen Barlis helped identify the farmers whose farms had been devastated by the typhoon.