ENCASH together with FEXCO introduces EasyDebit microATM

There's a new and affordable product in town that makes cash withdrawal easy and safe! The EasyDebit microATM enables financial entities and merchants to allow cardholders to withdraw their money anytime, anywhere.

The portable EasyDebit microATM requires minimum capital outlay with competitive rewards for the financial institution or merchant. Added to this are the goodwill the merchant generates and the satisfaction of serving his community by giving them access to their finances.

Much like an ATM, EasyDebit accepts both EMV chip ATM and debit cards as well as ATM and debit cards with magnetic stripe; however, money is dispensed manually via the cashier/merchant.

The plug and play solution is comprised of a PIN Entry Device (PED), a Mobile or Cellular Phone with the EasyDebit application, and a Mobile Printer. To withdraw his cash, the cardholder simply goes to an accredited EasyDebit merchant, swipes his card, keys-in his PIN using the PED which the merchant cannot see unlike in the Point of Sale (POS) device, and enters his choice of either Balance Inquiry or Withdrawal. If he opts to withdraw his money, he types in the amount. Thereafter, a receipt is printed from the Mobile Printer. The cashier/merchant then hands over his money.

ENCASH and FEXCO, one of the world's leading independent financial technology providers based in Ireland, are looking into financial institutions, medical services, tourist locations and merchants who are interested to offer the EasyDebit microATM solution to the public.

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