ENCASH ATM Availability Continues to Improve

In conjunction with the Operations Department and the Site Evaluation Team, Electronic Network Cash Tellers, Inc. (ENCASH) is making headway in its plan to enhance its ATM service by means of further improving its ATM Availability. Thus far, ENCASH embarked on a three-pronged assault by addressing the three most common reasons for an offline ATM and these are: out of cash issues, telecommunication connection, and ATM hardware issues.

According to ENCASH CEO Eric J. Severino, "Our business is premised on providing financial inclusion to all cardholders. Together with our Rural Bank, Cooperative and other partners, we have been able to lessen these problems and enhance our services. At the moment, we are 78% available to our clients. We hope to continue improving on this number in the coming months so that cardholders will never have cause for complaint."

Over a span of five months, the Operations Department has visited 75 sites, while the Site Evaluation Team have already visited 80 sites.