Retail Teller Machine (RTM)
Key Features
  • Works Just like an ATM
  • Dispenses a cash ticket to be exchanged with the cashier
  • 1/10th of the cost of the ATM to operate
  • Enables bank connection with more customers
  • Customers can access their accounts any time, any where.
  • RTM runs using the same software as ATMs.
  • Cash is not stored in the RTM
  • Supports EMV chip-and-Pin transaction
  • Fully regulatory compliant
  • With 3-DES, PCI EPP, Remote Key Loading(RKL), PA DSS
  • Security installed to prevent theft
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Bills Payment
  • Fund Transfer
  • Mobile Top-up
  • Supports customer personalization, one-to-one marketing
  • Executes back-to-back transaction and credits retailer for cash dispenced.

No need for ATM Fit-Notes! Can be located in various locations!
So convenient, so easy to use!