"Mabuti na lang meron kayong ATM. Kawawa kami na mag biyahe pa sa San Carlos o Dagupan para makapag withdraw ng aming pera..."
( "It's a good thing that there is an ATM. We suffered greatly when we had to travel to San Carlos just to withdraw our money.")

- Lourdes Manuel
ATM User
GM Bank Malasiqui

"When my daughter brought up the subject of installing an ATM in the Rural Bank of Pilar, I told her to take responsibility for it since I was hesitant about having one. When it was finally deployed, I thought that our clients would just be the weekend users. I did not realize that we would have a market for it in our town. I was mistaken, and people in the neighboring town also come here to transact."

- Orlando Roces
Rural Bank of Pilar (Sorsogon), Inc.

"Napakahalaga at malaking tulong sa amin ang pagkakaroon ng ATM dito sa Malasiqui. Kahit gabi at may emergency kami pwede kaming pumunta dito." ( "Having the ATM here in Malasiqui is of great value and great help to us. Even if we have emergencies at night, we can easily access the ATM.")

- Felicitas Caldona
ATM User
GM Bank Malasiqui

"An ATM user, who was not a branch client, came up to me to thank me personally for the ATM. He needed money urgently because a member of his family was going to be admitted to the hospital for an emergency procedure. Without the ATM, he would have to travel very far in order to procure money."

- Dennis Locsin
Janiuay Rural Bank, Inc.

"Before the ENCASH ATM was deployed in PATECI, our townspeople were forced to pay P500 for a one-way trip via banca to go to the next island to withdraw money. Now, they are able to save their money and are secure because they do not have to travel such a long way. Indeed, having an ATM to serve our people used to be a dream, but the reality is even better."

- Lea Ero